Krokodil: The Most Dangerous Illicit Drug is Now in the U.S.

If there is one kind of illegal drug that should be dreaded due to its horrible and scary effects, it is krokodil (deduced from the term ‘crocodile’). A cheaper, yet more potent version of heroin, this homemade, flesh-eating, injectable drug is the result of combining lighter fluid, gasoline, codeine, iodine, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus (from matchbox strike pads).

Due to its high impurity and the corrosive, poisonous products it contains, krokodil slowly gnaws away users’ flesh (practically from any part of the body, even the face and inside the mouth), leaving the bone literally exposed.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says that krokodil is highly addictive, making it much more dangerous. Anyone who will be addicted to this drug is sure to be in serious trouble for about two to three years – the length of time before the it finally claims their lives, but not before making users zombie-like creatures first, due to the rotting of their body parts.

The greater cause of worry for the DEA, though, is the possibility of krokodil now being distributed in some US states; and recent cases in Arizona, Utah, Illinois, and Chicago seem to prove that this drug, which is believed to have originated in Russia, is now here to destroy the lives and futures of many Americans.

Once addicted to krokodil, withdrawal from it can last for about an excruciating month. The very high level of addiction and scaly gangrene it causes also make the drug the hardest to treat and cure.


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