Effects of Cruise Ship Injuries

The effects of cruise ship injuries may be worse than usual because of the legal ramifications of cruise ships in general. A cruise ship is often registered outside the US, mostly to circumvent tax and liability issues. A foreign-registered cruise ship is essentially sovereign territory and as such is outside the jurisdiction of the US. While some regulations may be in place, there is no real enforcement that any US agency can put into effect.

This applies to safety issues and liability for injuries that may occur on board, including both passengers and crew members. Sustaining a serious injury on board one of these ships is tantamount to being on a desert island with no effective help on hand. This is because even if there is a ship’s doctor, there is no guarantee that the physician is qualified to provide reasonable medical care. A ship’s doctor on a foreign-registered vessel need not be licensed in the US, so medical qualifications are not put to the test. As a result, injuries sustained while on board can carry huge financial costs which would otherwise be avoided if it had not happened on a cruise ship. The costs can be so great that it may lead to bankruptcy for the unfortunate passenger.

It is possible to recover some of the costs of cruise ship injuries, but it would require the assistance of a specialized form. According to the website of the cruise ship accident attorneys of Louis A. Vucci, PA , an injury caused by some type of negligence on a cruise ship may form the basis for a passenger claim if handled properly. Because of cruise ship registration and other issues, the laws governing them are highly complex. A lawyer experienced in handling personal injury cases on cruise ships would know precisely how to go about making a claim and what pressure can be used to make it stick even if it is not registered in the US. This could spell the difference between financial ruin and just compensation.


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