Mothers Know Best: The John Eddie Williams, Jr. Story

Sometimes, the phrase “mothers know best” can be easily tossed around and aside as an easy cliché. Yet, for John Eddie Williams Jr., this is not only true but also what paved him into the path that has helped so many people today.

She always used to tell people: “Johnny’s going to be a lawyer.” That encouragement allowed for him to see the opportunity that pursuing law provided. Williams also grew up surrounded by longshoremen, shaping him into someone compassionate to the plights of the individual instead of the larger corporations.

A cum laude graduate of Baylor University in 1976, Williams is now currently the Managing Partner for Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas Law Firm, LLP. In 2002, that same university congratulated him for his accomplishments in the legal field with the honor of “Baylor Lawyer of the Year”; in 2012-13, he was awarded Baylor University’s Alumnus of the Year.

Having had grown up close with workers and understanding that these people are the heart of any company and country, Williams continues pursuing the rights that are owed to these people. After starting out in a large firm which primarily defended corporations, he felt that his integrity was being compromised and wanted to serve and protect the rights of individual workers who may not have the same resources and knowhow that these big brand name companies have. He states that going back to his roots and defending the good guys from the bad guys again is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a lawyer.

Deeply passionate and committed to his work, Williams has won cases for clients that have suffered extensive damage. In 1999, a family was granted over $100 million over a wrongful death and explosion accident lawsuit, thanks to Williams’ dedication and commitment to the case. He has also been involved, and won, several different defective pharmaceutical cases, some of the most difficult in this branch of law due to the medical nature of the case involved.


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