Man’s Best Bite

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for centuries. Our noble canine companions have aided humans throughout time. Dog’s possess extraordinary senses and can be used by humans to scout the land, herd other animals, or for protection. Over time dogs have been domesticated as our companions and as a result, countless different breeds have spawned. This unnatural interference in the development of a species has resulted in certain breeds being more aggressive over time.

Although these creatures hold a place in our hearts, it is easy to be blindsided by their true animalistic nature.

While most people equate a dog’s presence to warmth and happiness, there are others who would advocate that certain breeds are unsafe in various environments. The negative cloud surrounding pit bulls and rottweilers is not out of spite, but unfortunately, there is a plethora of data that would suggest these dogs can indeed become viscous. According to the CDC, there are more than 368,000 emergency room visits each year that dealt with treatment for dog-bites and injuries that occurred during the attack. Factors that increase the likelihood of these attacks include, but are not limited to, the environment the dog was raised in, the long term treatment of the animal, and unnecessary provocation towards the dog. In scenarios where a dog has claimed a victim the owner is always fully responsible for the damages incurred by the victim, whether or not the dog was previously thought to be violent. In these cases, the victim of the attack would be able to pursue charges against the owner in a court of law. Unsurprisingly dog bites are extremely common in the United States. The CDC also released that nearly 4.5 million serious dog bites occur every year in our country. This number is equivalent to 1 in 72 Americans being seriously bitten and injured by the canine species. While these statistics are fairly concrete, and many cities do enforce certain regulations for particular breeds, it seems most cases of serious bites are due to negligence from the pet’s owner. Children, as well as many adults, have been very seriously injured and suffered long term deformities due to these accidents. Adoption centers and pet rescue havens are great places of education for people seriously considering owning more aggressive dog breeds. This information and typically behavioral classes should always be utilized if available to the owner. Not only does this training provide the owner with an ease of mind, but could potentially prevent any injuries being caused by the dog.

In summary, our tail-wagging friends will obviously remain a part of our culture as domesticated extensions of our family unit, and it is the duty of pet owners across the nation to properly care for these animals. It is man’s responsibility to care for these animals in a way that is loving and responsible so that the animal becomes trained to respond in similar manners. Proper care and gentility among these creatures can save the lives of potential bite victims.


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